Donate Elementary Level Reading Books

McShan/Vickery Meadow students came to America and Dallas, seeking refuge from war and famine and religious persecution in countries across the globe. They came because their parents seek a better life for them. Many parents are grateful to arrive in America so that their children, especially their girls, can receive education they were themselves denied. Many McShan/Vickery Meadow children and their families have never seen a book, much less owned one of their very own,

Every time a student attends a McShan Reading Homeroom tutoring session, they are offered the opportunity to select one book of their very own.

Every week of Vickery Meadow Summer Reading Academy, every student is encouraged to select a book to take home.

MRH/VMSRA is in need of your gently used or new elementary level readers. We prefer English only books, however, dual-language books from around the world are always welcome.

Just email and we will gladly pick up your books for the direct benefit of the students of McShan/Vickery Meadow.