Youth Leader Development


VMSRA/MRH is a leadership development program for Youth ages 15 through 20.

We especially encourage former VMSRA/MRH students to become Legacy Youth Leaders. 

The Vickery Meadow Summer Academy teaches elementary aged refugee children basic English phonics, reading and writing with lots of fun included.  Our Youth Leaders are a vital element in Summer Academy’s spirited success. Our Youth Leaders have varied tasks, including being role models of excellence for the younger students. Youth Leaders play essential, responsible roles equal to Tutor positions. Our Youth Leaders come from throughout the Dallas Metroplex, arriving by 7:00am (unless otherwise advised), and assisting until 1:00pm (unless otherwise advised) during three days each of our four week Summer Academy.

View this informative video for VMSRA Youth Leaders, prepared by SMUs Lisa Olsen and Dr. Jillian Conry:

Our Youth Leaders model superior behavior and discipline for our younger participants.  If you are seriously interested in becoming a VMSRA Youth Leader, please >apply here<

Maturity and initiative, focus and energy are essential.  Youth Leaders applying for these positions are self-starters, and solid workers with their total attention on tasks 100%+ of the time.   

Youth Leaders are chosen who will represent the finest character and serve as role models for the students of the Academy.

Supervision will be minimal; therefore, maturity and initiative, focus and energy are essential.  Youth Leaders applying for these positions are expected to be self-starters, and solid workers who will devote their total attention to the task 100%+ of the time.  Youth Leaders are encouraged to assume an “ownership” frame of mind. 

We encourage Youth Leaders to look upon VMSRA as “foreign mission service”, except you are able to sleep in your own bed, and need no inoculations or visas to participate.

Youth Leader positions include virtual and in-person tutoring of students aged 6 through 14 one-on-one and classroom style; assisting Administration with essential duties; coordinating before school meals and activities; serving as bus leaders; supervising athletic, art and music activities; setting up classrooms; leading other Youth Leaders; and any duties necessary for the management of our Academy.

At the end of each summer’s VMSRA, Youth Leaders from our MRH and VMSRA programs will merit recommendations commensurate with performance.  In addition, one Youth Leader each calendar year will be selected by a panel of judges to receive the VMSRA Founders Youth Leader of the Year Award, along with a $500 scholarship to further their education.  Former Youth Leaders of the Year are:

2020 Julia Elias and Jennifer Orth

2019 Marisol Galvez and Juliet Richardson

2018  Aldo Padilla

2017 Felix Kimbrell and West Roberts

2016 Caitlyn Hodo

2015 Kalen Doyle

2014 Leah Bartlett

Join this essential group of up and coming young people – Vickery Meadows’ leaders of tomorrow!

Adult Tutors are those above the age of 20 who self-identify as adult.